Thermal Energy Storage

Research Description:
Thermal energy storage is a promising technology for integrating renewable energy sources into our electric grid and buildings. However, for thermal storage to be deployed at scale, it must first become cost effective. This requires system geometries and storage materials that are optimized for cost. Our analysis of thermal storage provides an analytical framework to find the optimal system geometry based on the storage material used. Additionally, it reveals the storage material figures-of-merit that minimize the system cost, based on which component dominates the overall system cost (and we find the heat exchangers often dominate).

Selected Publications:
J. D. Kocher, J. Woods, A. Odukomaiya, A. Mahvi, and S. K. Yee; “Thermal Batteries Cost Scaling Analysis Minimizing the $ per kWh.” Energy & Environmental Science 17 (March 19, 2024): 2206.

Research funded by the Innovation in Buildings Graduate Research Fellowship

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