Amalie Atassi

Amalie Atassi

Graduate Student


Research Interests: My interest in Materials Science and Engineering was actualized when I realized, through history, that human evolution depended on materials and their structure-property relationships. In a field so vast, my research interests include understanding electronic materials (organics, inorganics, and hybrids) and how they can improve energy efficiency. I graduated from the University of Florida, where I worked with inorganic semiconductors, soft elastomers, and natural polymers. At Georgia Tech, I am exploring the processing capabilities of organic semiconductors and how they can be optimized for energy applications like thermoelectric devices.

Hobbies: I have the heart of an adventurer and am always ready to explore new places, especially when music and food are involved. I like to stay active with sports and exercise. When I’ve exhausted myself, I’ll relax by reading, watching movies or streaming shows, and painting.

Co-Advised by: Prof. Natalie Stingelin