Our Vision: The Scalable Thermal Energy Engineering Laboratory (STEEL) aspires to be an inclusive experimental research group that is recognized for its research leadership in the creation of innovative thermal energy technologies that improves the human condition.

Our Mission: STEEL develops thermal energy conversion technologies and thermal transport technologies that have the potential to address some of the most pressing energy, sustainability, and climate related challenges. 

STEEL Values:

  • Creativity – We nurture a community and environment that is conducive to creative exploration and invention.
  • Independence – We cultivate independent researchers capable of solving big problems.
  • Innovation – We embrace innovation and the process of knowledge creation.
  • Diversity, Inclusivity, and Collaboration – We thrive on diversity, promote inclusivity, and celebrate collaboration.
  • Global Engagement & Global Citizenship – We recognize our duty as a global citizen and look to engage people from around the world.

Lab Culture: STEEL is stronger because of our diversity in thought, perspective, backgrounds, approach, expertise, and skills.  To solve some of the most pressing challenges, it is imperative that we are inclusive, embrace one another, accept where each of us is at, and support one another as we each continue to grow.  We treat everyone with respect and help one another obtain one’s academic and professional aspiration.  We work interdisciplinary and collaboratively with many others in academia, government/national labs, and industry, recognizing that we can all achieve more by working together.  

STEEL Origins

STEEL originates from the desire to focus on thermal energy technologies that have the potential to scale.  [Also, it just so happens that Superman, is the “Man of Steel” and Prof. Yee’s favorite superhero is Superman.] Here is the Academic “Family” Tree.


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