Lotanna Onua

Lotanna Onua

Graduate Student


I am from Chicago and went to school at The Ohio State University where I graduate with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering in 2022. During my undergraduate career, my research and undergraduate thesis, which was conducted under the guidance of Dr. Jonathan Song, focused on oncology, specifically in microengineering in vitro blood vessels and analyzing the effects emerging cancer therapies had on the engineered vessels as well as its microenvironment. Despite my undergraduate thesis topic, my graduate research interests revolve around building economically viable, efficient and sustainable energy systems with the goal of these systems positively impacting the world.  Through the suggestion of my undergraduate advisor, I found the STEEL lab. I look forward to collaborating and building technologies that will have a lasting impression on society.


Hobbies: I enjoy training muay thai and judo and during my undergraduate, I was a student instructor for my kickboxing club. I love to cook and try new recipes and I am an avid baker with a massive sweet tooth. I love all things film and anime.


Co-advisor: Saad Bhamla